Shindara "Immortal Shindara, Sarutobi Sasuke"


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Shindara (真達羅)

In the past, when he belonged to the "Sanada Juuyuushi", Shindara was called Sarutobi Sasuke. After being informed of Yukimura's premature death and his failure to seize hold of the country through the Taishirou Tokito's predictions, he left the Sanada and joined the Mibu to spy on them and to save Yukimura's life when the time comes. He is called the immortal one because Hishigi modified his body so he can regenerate instantaneously. He faces Yukimura and loses, but his motivation behind his betrayal is revealed. Later, he saves Sasuke from death and dies from mortal wounds beyond the healing capacity of his regeneration.

After Bikara died, Shindara looked after Antera and acted as her parent keeping her at his side at all times.

Voice Actors
Yamaguchi, Takayuki
Onorato, Niseem
Brack, Ryan