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Elmina (エルミナ)

As the Princess of Heaven, Elmina is an angel who wears white robes and has wings. Elmina is very studious and fastidious, and a bit of a humorless goody-two-shoes. When she was younger, her stern father (who is the king of Heaven) would not tolerate imperfection. Elmina tries very hard to be perfect, and she is also very hard on herself whenever she makes a mistake. Once she made a mistake or is fail she will be depressed and loss her confidence to keep going, because of her sad memories with her father in the past. With her new friends at the Princess Academy, Elmina slowly learns to be more secure and not to give up even when she fails. Looks ten, but is actually seventeen as a result of the same curse.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kawasumi, Ayako
Liberatori, Perla
Tak, Carolina
Han, Chae Eon