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Yata (八咫)

Gender: Male
Class: Macabre Dancer
Real Name: Takumi Hino
Age: 17
Avatar: The Prophet, Fidchell

As a system administrator and leader of G.U., Yata spends little time dealing with the players of The World R:2. Instead he can usually be found in his base, the Serpent of Lore scouring the system for irregularities, and monitoring the users of the game, the eight Epitaph Users in particular. He rarely ventures out of his base himself, preferring to have his subordinates Pi and Kuhn carry out his orders while he monitors. His idol was Ovan for a short while after they met, though he soon began to resent Ovan because AIDA and Aura chose him. Yata is a man who keeps his secrets, and it is almost impossible to tell exactly how much he does, or does not know. Despite being an administrator, his consideration for the average user is also questionable, and he seems to have no qualms with activities that recklessly endanger innocent PCs. His subordinates generally act more ethically, however.

Voice Actors
Yamazaki, Takumi
Dobson, Paul
Souterelle, Frédéric
Macaluso, David
Meaux, Frédéric