Otome "Oto-nee" Asakura

Otome Asakura

D.C.II: Da Capo II
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D.C.II S.S.: Da Capo II Second Season
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D.C. I&II P.S.P. Re-Animated
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Da Capo II: Imaginary Future
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Da Capo II
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Otome Asakura (朝倉音姫)

Birthday: June 17
Weight: 43kg
Height: 157cm
Blood Type: O
Three Sizes: 73/53/82

She is the student of Kazemi senior high class 2-3 and the chairman of the student council. She refers to Yoshiyuki as "otouto-kun," meaning "little brother." Otome inherited her father's magical abilities. Otome seems to be one of the two persons, besides Sakura, to have known that Yoshiyuki was created due to the a wish upon the Sakura tree.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Takagaki, Ayahi

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