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Pururu (プルル)

Birthday: May 25 (same as her voice actor's)

Pururu appears in the series as the most recent and only female member of the
Garuru Platoon, a chief medic and expert nurse, and a childhood friend to Sergeant Keroro, Corporal Giroro, and Lance Corporal Dororo. She has an energetic, down-to-earth, and somewhat strict and stubborn personality, but is also nonviolent and mature, unlike most of the major characters of the series. Pururu's appearance consists of violet skin, a pink cap with a yellow-and-pink heart symbol, and large purple eyes. When she was a young child, the cap was flat and had a light pink flower on it, but is now pointed up on both sides, giving a catgirl-ear-impression to her head (she is sometimes shown with a violet afro wig). Her tadpole appearance might make you think she's as young as Tamama or Tororo, but it seems like this is the way Mine Yoshizaki draws adult females. Her cute looks and charming demeanor makes anyone to feel attached to her, notably the young Giroro and the current Keroro.

Pururu makes a re-appearance in episode 157, where she comes down to Earth to give the Keroro Platoon checkups and stays there for a few more episodes, but her appearances are limited. Episode 162 explains how she began her career as a nurse; in a plot to retrieve back a secret base from a trio of Keronian bullies, the tadpole versions of Keroro, Giroro, Dororo, and Pururu team up, and as an ambush, Pururu was disguised as a bee and was assigned to attack the chief bully using a needle. While doing this, she enjoyed it, and when she grows up as a nurse, her weapon of choice is a large light-pink ball-point syringe similar to the needle she wielded as a child.

Her most current relationship is with Keroro, who now has an amorous crush on his childhood friend. However, she feels more sibling-like feelings to him, Giroro, and Dororo, since she sees them as childish as they were when they were tadpoles. Giroro used to have a crush on her when they were young, but now harbors stronger feelings toward Natsumi.

She became friends with Chiruyo Tsukigami, who is a member of the Newspaper Club at Fuyuki's school, while trying to help her get closer to Fuyuki, realizing that Chiruyo had feelings for Fuyuki.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yukino, Satsuki