Mariemaia "Mariemaia Barton" Khushrenada

Mariemaia Khushrenada

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Mariemaia Khushrenada (マリーメイア・クシュリナーダ)

Mariemaia Khushrenada is the daughter of Treize Khushrenada, the Duke of OZ and Leia Barton, daughter of Dekim Barton and sister of the real Trowa Barton, conceived during the meeting between the two on Colony X-18999 (as detailed in the Episode Zero manga). Supposedly dying at an early age, Mariemaia later resurfaced as the figurehead of the Mariemaia Army, which largely consisted of soldiers who had been loyal to Treize. Thanks to her grandfather Dekim's grooming, she was fully prepared to ravage the Earth and take her place as the World Sovereign, believing this to be what her father, Treize, would have wanted. If Operation Meteor went as planned, the young girl would be ruler of Earth, as stated by her uncle, though, in fact, she would be a puppet ruler as seen by her grandfather.

Mariemaia kidnapped Vice-Foreign Minister Relena Darlian so there would be no opposition to the Barton family's rule over the Earth. The occupation of Earth was quick with no resistance and victory seemed assured, that is until a number of insurgents, including the Gundam pilots fought back. Mariemaia felt that their efforts would soon be exhausted, until the populace stands up and Wing Zero destroys the shelter.

Source: Gundam Wiki

Voice Actors
Sakuma, Rei
O'Hara, Maggie Blue
Garcia, Melissa
Portuguese (BR)
Möller, Kaya Marie
Lee, Ji Yeong
Piovani, Tosawi
Maudet, Isabelle
Volpe, Monica
Martínez, Azucena