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Meg (メグ)

Meg has red hair, carries a small revolver, at times a large armor piercing rifle, and dresses like a cowgirl. Meg is highly prone to be captured and only to be rescued by Jo. She is the very best of friends with Jo and is 100% loyal to her only. It's suggestive throughout the series and manga that her feelings for Jo might be romantic, possibly bisexual since she's into men. She first met Jo in New York City, a year before the beginning of the series. Since then, Meg and Jo teamed up and became bounty hunters until Sei hired them. Meg enjoys eating and loves buffets. Her true hair color is not red, but actually black.

She was once an orphan in New York City, but managed to encounter Jo. At first she was reluctant to keep Jo around because of her destructive capabilities, but after some time they learn to appreciate and trust each other. After they took Sei's offer as employees of Bai-lan, they have been performing supportive roles for Jo's missions. Meg often would be an undercover agent for info and provide cover fire for Jo. After she finds out Jo's origin, she feels Jo no longer should fight, but was left alone on their final mission. Jo knocked her out and left her belongings to her. ( Source : Wikipedia )

Voice Actors
Toyoguchi, Megumi
Marchi, Jamie
Pacotto, Emanuela
Gülland, Britt
Wegnez, Béatrice
Giménez, Ariadna
Bortoletto, Marli
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