Seira J. Loyard

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Seira J. Loyard (세이라 J 로이아드 / セーラ・J・ロイアード)

Age: 217
Race: Noble
Occupation: student, Loyard clan leader
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: Silver

Seira has a rather quiet and shy personality. She usually doesn’t show emotion on her face and is very calm, but she does blush when being complimented. She learns to cook very rapidly and is soon responsible for making meals in Frankenstein’s house with the exception of ramen, which is Frankenstein’s personal project.

Seira is the last remaining blood descendant and the leader of the Loyard clan. Her soul weapon is the Death Scythe. Since the death of her family members, she has been under Gejutel’s care. She and Regis are very close and they have a mental connection, due to which they can sense each others presence. When she can’t feel this presence this means he’s either very far away, unconscious or dead.

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Voice Actors
Kayano, Ai
Knickerbocker, Brianna
Guioli, Aline
Portuguese (BR)
Volpé, Isabelle
Acevedo, Casandra
Schreier, Nadine