Haru "JF1, Alien"


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Tsuritama: Harikitte Contest
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Haru (ハル)

Birthdate: April 1 (self-claimed)
Age: unknown
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg

Haru has blonde hair, purple eyes and long eyelashes, and is very cheerful and charismatic. He was a transfer student along with Yuki, and introduces himself as an alien, which people think is a joke due to his enthusiastic behavior, although there are some indicts that may prove it true. He is seen carrying a fish in a fish bowl on his head, who refers to Haru as "brother." When upset with people's actions, he shoots them with a bright green water pistol, making it possible for him to briefly control their actions. Haru and his sister are on a secret mission on Earth to save it, and for some reason, they need Yuki to learn to fish in order to accomplish it. He is able to telepathically communicate with his sister via water.

Voice Actors
Irino, Miyu
Bickham, Clint