The Phantom "Captain Phantom"

The Phantom

Pokemon Advanced Generation: Pokemon Ranger to Umi no Ouji Manaphy
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The Phantom (ファントム船長 / ファントム・トループ)
The Phantom (ファントム船長 Captain Phantom) is the leader of the pirates in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. He wants to hatch a Manaphy so he can rule the Temple of the Sea.

After finding the Manaphy egg, it was taken by Jack Walker. Like any respectable pirate, The Phantom has a Chatot, a parrot Pokémon, and he uses this Chatot to closely follow Ash and co., and his new friends, Lizabeth and her family. After a battle with Ash imbued with the Sea Crown's power, he was trapped under some rubble until Jackie and the police arrested him.

(Source: Pokemon Wikia)

Voice Actors
Baroli, Gilberto
Fujioka, Hiroshi
Peroni, Riccardo
Albus, Thomas

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