Renji "The Fallen Man" Hiiragi

Renji Hiiragi

Night Wizard
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Renji Hiiragi

The male protagonist and a Night Wizard. Hiiragi is constantly called upon for missions, which leaves him little or no time to go to school and subsequently graduate. Hiiragi is often used in the anime for comical purposes, often being teased about his 'school-life'. After Elis is informed of her mission, Hiiragi is given the task of protecting Elis. He and Kureha live with Elis in order to guard her 24/7, although he has to live out on the balcony. He is also known as the 'Falling Man' in school for hardly ever coming to school and his recent degrade from 3rd year to 2nd year also relies on his nickname. His artifact is a Demon Sword (which seems to be a class of artifacts) with several different attacks. His personality is aggressive when fighting, but when it comes to the women around him, including Anzelotte, he lets them walk all over him to the point where he gets constantly embarrassed by Anzelotte on an episode by episode basis while also being beaten up in defense of the girls and by his chilhood 'friend' Kureha for simple, comical matters. A secret that Kureha knows of Hiiragi is used as fuel to get him to do anything she wants and at any time in order for her not to tell. She often uses this to get him to do things for her. (From Wikipedia)

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Yanagi, Naoki