Miyuki "Cure Happy" Hoshizora

Miyuki Hoshizora

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Miyuki Hoshizora (星空 みゆき)

Age: 14

Miyuki is a second year student who recently transferred to class 2 of Nanairogaoka Public Middle School. She has an interest in books, especially fairy tales, and has often admitted having crushes on fictional characters. Like most of the lead Cures before her, Miyuki is cheerful and optimistic, but also something of a klutz. Her catchphrase is "Ultra Happy!". Her potential as a Pretty Cure awakened while protecting Candy from Wolfrun. As Cure Happy, her dark magenta hair becomes lighter in shade and her pigtails grow longer, and her theme color is magenta. She can manipulate light energy in this form and can leap much higher than the other Cures.

She introduces herself as "Twinkling, shining, light of the future! Cure Happy!" (キラキラ輝く未来の光!キュアハッピー!, Kirakira kagayaku mirai no hikari! Kyua Happī!).

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Voice Actors
Fukuen, Misato
Bailey, Laura
Viana, Lilian
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von Daake, Katharina
Rinaldi, Francesca
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