Rossweisse "Rose, 100 Yen Shop Valkyrie, Valkyrie who never had a boyfriend, Drunken Valkyrie"


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Rossweisse (ロスヴァイセ)

Birthday: August 8th
Height: 173 cm (5' 8")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
BWH: 96/61/89
Eye Color: Aqua
Rank: Low-Class Devil (Volume 7 - True Volume 3), High-Class Devil (True Volume 4 - Present)
Role: Rook
Race: Reincarnated Devil (Former Valkyrie)
First Appearance: Volume 5

Originally Odin's bodyguard. After the battle with Loki and Fenrir, Odin leaves her in Issei's town. She then gets persuaded by Rias to become her servant. She remains in Kuou Academy as a teacher.

Rossweisse is known to be a very serious person, acting professional prioritizing work and study above all else since her youth, this however, caused her to miss out on romance, thus is extremely bitter and sensitive about not having a boyfriend and is quick to anger or sadness when made fun of. She has taken a liking to her role as a teacher in education for her students, making sure they understand her lessons and helping them whenever they're in a bind and is appreciated for it. Rossweisse has little tolerance for those who behave unprofessionally, especially for lewd acts at inappropriate times. When she lectures them on standards, they usually retort with her simply being jealous. This may have some truth to it as on numerous occasions she has expressed interests in doing perverted things with her future boyfriend, she also desires her lover to be financially stable with a bright future.

Despite her seriousness, she is stated to be clumsy and has a tendency to make rash decisions without informing anyone. She is highly susceptible to alcohol as one drink from it can leave her drunk and vomit for extended periods of time. Rossweisse has a lot of repressed baggage from upholding her uptight and modest demeanor which goes out the window when drunk and begins opening her true thoughts and frustrations. She also has a compulsion to buy things at sales when they're cheap, showing enthusiastic excitement whenever she goes to 100-Yen shops, causing Issei to dub her "The 100-Yen Shop Valkyrie". Rossweisse also has a tendency to speak using her country's accent when she is flustered.

Like the other girls, Rossweisse acts like someone her age whenever she is on a date with Issei as she ended up acting shy when she was called cute. She soon develops romantic feelings for Issei in Volume 17 when he proclaimed to her that he will protect her from Euclid, which he did.

After falling in love with Issei and becoming engaged to him, Rossweisse has started to partake in perverted activities she normally frowns upon, such as wanting him to apply suntan oil on her, sleeping with him while wearing revealing lingerie and fighting with the other girls over him.

Powers & Abilities


(Source: High School DxD Wiki)

Voice Actors
Kakuma, Ai
Rodak, Mallorie
Rybiczka, Anja