Radu "Baron of Luxor, Flamberg" Barvon

Radu Barvon

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Radu Barvon

As Ion's most trusted friend, he was sent to accompany Ion to negotiate with the Vatican. He was controlled by Dietrich von Lohengrin and worked for the Rosenkreuz. His first task was to kill Ion Fortuna (his childhood friend) of the New Human Empire and later plotted to assassinate the Empress. He possesses a unique ability to produce and control blue flames. His spilled blood appears as blue flames. He was supposedly 'killed' by Sister Paula, but surivived the attack and seized his chance to take control of the Inquisitorial Department's weapons. After his death following his battle with Abel's Crusnik form, he was reanimated and controlled by Dietrich. He was finally completely destroyed when Seth transformed into her Crusnik form and disintegrated his body. (Flamberg may be a Germanised form of the French flamberge, a kind of sword that, as a form of intimidation, was forged in the shape of a tongue of flame. Radu himself shares his name with Radu cel Frumos, brother of Dracula.)

AKA: Flame Sword
Codename: Flammenschwert (German for "Flame Sword"); also referred to as Flamberg
Other name:
Born: 3045 AD
Ranking: 6=5 'Adeptus Major, Order of the Rose-Cross'
Title: Baron of Luxor
Power: Pyromancy
Background: A lower-class noble from the Empire and Ion Fortuna's foster brother,
Radu is part of the Empire's extremists movement and joins the Orden in order to
cause a war between the Terran and the Methuselah. Forced to kill his former
partner Ion during the mission, he fails and is killed by Sister Paula. His dead body,
burned by the sun, is retrieved and repaired by Dietrich, using artificial blood and
skin. However, this form is destroyed in the Empire by Seth. For one moment, short
of killing Ion, Radu's old self returned and saved Ion's life.

Voice Actors
Konishi, Katsuyuki
Liebrecht, Jason
Scattorin, Lorenzo
Bodrogi, Attila
Günther, Stefan