Kakeru "Riki" Ryugasaki

Kakeru Ryugasaki

Cross Fight B-Daman
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Kakeru Ryugasaki (龍々崎 カケル)
Kakeru debuts in Cross Fight B-Daman at school waiting in his classroom to leave. He leaves to head to the park to meet his friend Maya who has just obtained a new B-Daman. She takes him to work where he speaks with his boss who agrees to give him a B-Daman of his own at his main shop. While at work he watches as she takes on a challenge where she has to knock down as many pins as she can. After watching her he hears a strange voice and turns around to find a silent Subaru who walks away without a word. They both head to a B-Daman shop where he immediatley picks his favorite, Accele Dracyan. After leaving the shop he practices with the B-Daman and is haunted with a vision of a Dragon like spirit. After his vision is over the practice moniter sends him a message about a hidden stadium, this reminds him of what two boys were talking about while he was at work. He goes to the secret spot and watches as a facility member walks in he scans in using his B-Daman and then watches as Subaru shows off his skills as a B-Da Player. After Subaru is finished Kakeru finds himself spoken to by his own B-Daman.

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Voice Actors
Marshall, Mona
Oohara, Momoko
Kreuer, Tim
Caneva, Leonardo
Figueira, Daniel
Pomar, Maribel