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Guy Cecil

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Guy Cecil (ガイ・セシル)

Age: 21
Weight: 79 kg
Height: 184 cm
Occupation: Servant
Weapon: Swords

A servant in Duke Fabre's mansion, also Luke's best friend. Guy's biggest quirk is his fear of women.

Relationship with Luke

Guy is Luke's best friend. Aside from Tear, Guy is usually the one Luke turns to for advice. In the beginning of the game, while Luke treats nearly everyone else with impatience or disdain, he does show a certain degree of respect for Guy. After the events of Akzeriuth, Guy is the only person in the party to willingly go back for Luke after leaving him in Yulia City following his loss of consciousness. Even after everyone else has shunned Luke for his ill treatment and refusal to take responsibility for his actions, Guy chose to believe in him and to help him change.

The two are shown to have a strong bond, and, while they tease each other at times, one will not hesitate to help the other if he is in trouble. Their close friendship also shows in that Luke cannot seem to hide anything from Guy, despite his best efforts to hide that his seventh fonons are deteriorating and that he expects to disappear as a result.


Guy is a kind and hard-working young man. He is also somewhat a charmer, and he seems to know exactly what to say, often resulting in women swooning over him, much to his dismay. He always seems to want to help those in trouble, regardless of gender, and even saves Anise from falling to her death during an earthquake, despite his gynophobia.

He also seems unable to refuse a request from anyone, and is often told by Emperor Peony to walk his pet rappigs (which he doesn't actually mind doing). When Princess Natalia orderes him to carry something in the Tower of Rem, at which point he was no longer a servant to house Fabre or even a citizen of Kimlasca, he does as she asks simply out of habit. Jade also tells Guy to explain many things to people, and, despite protesting this role, he never actually refuses to do so.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Matsumoto, Yasunori
Matsuda, Shiori

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