Natsumi Mizuki

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Natsumi Mizuki (水城 夏実)

Age: 16
Birthday: August 23
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Bloodt ype: O

A 16-year-old high school student, Natsumi was Ban and Ginji's client at the beginning of the anime who then came to work at the Honky Tonk as a part-time waitress. In the anime, she has amazing ping-pong skills and even once takes on one of the Get Backers' clients while they are busy with another case (despite her lack of skill at anything besides table tennis, shogi, and cooking. Notable here is that she chose to wear an outfit consisting of Ban's shirt and glasses, and Ginji's pants and gloves for the case.) Sort of the GetBackers' unofficial groupie, Natsumi is very devoted to Ban and Ginji, often worrying about their welfare and staying up late at the Honky Tonk to welcome them back from a mission (This is also seen in the MV of the first ending theme in the anime, although the duo were just away to get groceries on a rainy day. Also, the song is sang by Otoha, Natsumi's seiyu). In a case of real life mirroring art, in the anime, Natsumi once teamed up with Emishi on a retrival mission (the same episode where she wore the outfit mentioned above); her seiyu (Otoha) later married a comedian.

Voice Actors
Keplmair, Tatiane
Portuguese (BR)
Dealyn, Kelly
Prato, Mercedes
Bienaimé, Nathalie
Hauser, Sarah
Wu, Jeong Sin