Miamia "Clawdia, Dia"


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Miamia (味亜味亜)

Dia is a young rocket scientist who was turned into a humanoid cat-girl named Clawdia by King Gorgeous Gorge who also transformed her animal lab partners into Gorge's Big 4. She will try to stop Chase and Coco on their quest to stop King Gorgeous Gorge. She has often followed orders of each of the Big 4 which always ended in failure. After each of the Big 4 were returned to their original forms, Clawdia asked King Gorge to give her a chance to prove herself to him as King Gorge lent her Sir Loin and Steak King. She eventually failed and was mortally zapped by King Gorge. Chase was able to use his fried rice to restore her to Dia. She helps Chase by giving him an Eggplant Rocket needed to reach King Gorge in space. Her Foodons are Beefsteak, Boulder Broth, Sgt. Side-Order, Noodle-Ator, Applegator, Chowderheads, Bearafooda, Doughnasour, Digestor, and Pasta Vazoomin.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
McInerney, Kathleen
Hayashi, Tamao