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Parco Folgore (パルコ・フォルゴレ)

Parco Folgore is a superstar and film hero from Milan, Italy. He normally spends his time touring the world, giving concerts, and meeting his fans—especially the ladies, who love him. However, he and Kanchomé have come to Japan for a special purpose: to defeat Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine. They are defeated rather easily and leave, but Zatch and Kiyo meet them again in England, where Kiyo discovers Folgore singing for a group of sick children in the hospital. They become friends after that, although Kiyo still dislikes Folgore's womanizing ways.

Folgore has two hit songs, "Chichi wo Moge" (which translates to "Groping Breasts"; changed to "Hey Hey Let's Dance All Day" in English versions), and "Muteki Folgore" ("Invincible Folgore" in English), the latter of which has the unusual ability to revive him if it's sung by Kanchomé. He also frequently plays an "invincible super spy," 00F, in his films; this character has his own theme song as well, "00F's Theme."

Voice Actors
Takahashi, Hiroki
Wittenberg, Dave
De Santis, Paolo
Garza, Eduardo
Kang, Su Jin
Boulad, Luc
Sevilla, Pablo
Rocha, Roberto
Portuguese (BR)