Kan Ra

Zoids Genesis
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Kan Ra (ラ・カン)

A leader of a nation conquered by Digald known as Zuuri, he is well known to Digald forces, and is hunted by them wherever he travels. Nonetheless he is patient with those he encounters and agrees to help Ruuji after his village his attacked and its generator damaged. When Digald surrounded his castle, he surrendered because he was concerned for loss of life during combat; but he regrets this decision, as he believed it allowed Digald to spread.

After a life decision, Ra-Kan decided to restart the war against Digald by creating, amassing, and organizing a Digald Suppression Army. Zuuri was rebuilt in a new location and since prospered peacefully. With Diglad spreading their forces, he created a base from there. He dispatched the group around the continent in hopes to gather larger forces. After many difficult trials in getting the army organized, the army eventually succeeded in fighting against Digald. Eventually though their group realized it was Jiin they were really after and even joined forces with defected Digald troops. While fighting Georg, Jiin fired his gravity particle cannon and was presumed KIA; Georg's shields on BioTricera actually protected him and he returned in the climatic battle to face Jiin. There was no epilogue to explain what happened after Jiin's defeat, but it can be assumed that he and Mii returned to their kingdom to start rebuilding.

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