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Eve (イヴ)

Age: 11 (according to the author)

Eve is an artificial human who was created to be the first in a line of super soldiers, having had her DNA fused with nanomachines she has the ability to change her body's shape and genetic make-up. She was raised to be emotionless, and as a result something that is considered normal is new to her.

In the anime, she first meets Sven and Train when Sven had wanted to save her while the Chronos has sent Train to kill her and destroy all the research data used in her creation, choosing to spare her life being one of the reasons Train left the organization. In the anime she is driven berserk by her creator and ordered to attack Train, while in the manga Eve first Encounters Train and Sven as they are working as sweepers to capture Torneo Rudman (Train having never been sent by Chronos in the Manga), she is rescued by Sven and Train and Train stops Toreno from causing Eve to go Berserk. She then joins Sven and Train.

At the beginning of the anime series Eve is wary of Train claiming he smells like blood,having given Train the bell he wears on his neck after reading that bells allow you to know where a bad cat is. Where as in the manga he already had his choker bell chain. They eventually develop into rivals over the position of being Sven's partner and Train gives her the nickname "Little Princess".

Her hobby is reading books of varying degree of difficulty; she can memorize any book she reads after reading it once, usually confusing the others by using complicated words she's learned, and her power to transform becomes more refined the more she learns.

Voice Actors
Fukuen, Misato
Palencia, Brina
Liebing, Katja
Rivero, Yensi
Kwan, Andrea
Alencar, Bianca
Portuguese (BR)
Giménez, Ariadna
Roy, Fanny