Hysteria "Hysteria The Elegant"



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First manga appearance: Chapter 115

Hysteria was Claymore No. 1 of her generation and is considered to be one of the eight most powerful Claymores of all time. During her lifetime, she was known as "Hysteria the Elegant."

She is one of the three Claymores revived by Dae and the Organization in order to stop the uprising of the current warriors.

Hysteria was among the three Claymores to be revived by Dae with the aim of stopping the rampage of all the current warriors against the Organization.

After injuring or possibly killing most of the warriors, she engaged in combat with Miria. It was revealed during the fight that she had a patchy memory and could not remember her name, knowing only that she was supposed to kill all the other warriors and that she was slain in Rockwell Hill. Noting the look of recognition on Miria's face, she asked for her name, only to be ignored due to the younger warrior's mullings. Angered, Hysteria attacked Miria once more. She expressed astonishment when Miria managed to survive her attack. Miria, then, analyzed Hysteria's technique, noting its similarity to her own ability, and released her yoki. Hysteria, though surprised by the move, seemed unimpressed.

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