Najimi "Anshin'in, The Non-Human Who Is Just Impartial" Ajimu

Najimi Ajimu

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Najimi Ajimu (安心院 なじみ)

Age: 3,402,193,822,311
Blood Type: AB
Mentality: Not Equal
Academic Status: 1st year, class 13
Previous Affiliation: Flask Plan and Tsurubami Team/All Jokers
Previous Occupation: Hakoniwa Academy Founder and Flask Plan Designer
Signature Ability: Multiple Skill User

Najimi Ajimu is the founder of Hakoniwa Academy, the creator of the Flask Plan, and one of the Delayed Two along with Hanten Shiranui, also known as the Not Equals. She first appeared before several characters after they died giving Zenkichi the "Parasite Eye" skill and returning Kumagawa's first Minus in exchange for his ability "All Fiction". She has over 12 Quadrillion distinct abilities in total, Abnormalities and Minuses, including appearing in any place at any time, eternal life and nullifying other's abilities.

However, despite being the most powerful character to date, Najimi breaks the fourth wall and admits that she cannot defeat Medaka, since she is the main character.
Ajimu frequently breaks the fourth wall; she is aware that she is a character in a manga, knows how many volumes of the series have currently been released (thirteen at the time), and even knows that an anime adaption of Medaka Box is in production.

Ajimu does not have one specific Abnormality or Minus. Instead she has an insurmountable amount of distinct Abnormalities and Minuses (7,932,135,441,523,222 Abnormalities and 4,925,916,526,110,643 Minuses, for 12,858,051,967,633,865 skills in total). At present, Ajimu has demonstrated or explained 817 different skills.

She appears in episode 11 of the anime. Lying down near Kumagawa at the flashback.

Voice Actors
Mizuki, Nana
Karbowski, Brittney