Rosario to Vampire: Season II
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Alucard (アルカード)
The Vampire Lord and one of the most powerful vampires who attempted to take over mankind. However, he was defeated and sealed by Akasha using a blood seal that synchronizes his blood with her own, putting Akasha at risk of reviving him should she use her full power, with his corpse hidden in the Shuzen Mansion. When Akasha was seemingly killed by Aqua during a fight at which Moka was a witness, Moka's Shinso Blood that was given to her by her mother at birth was activated, causing Alucard to awaken once more until Akasha used a rosario seal to seal the Shinso Blood within Moka, sealing him once more. His body (as of chapter 42) is currently held in Fairy Tale's main headquarters.

In terms of appearance, Alucard bears little resemblance to traditional vampire, bearing more resemblance to a giant Xenomorph with a bone-like exterior.

Alucard's name is an anagram of the legendary vampire Dracula, which is written backwards. It is also a reference to Dracula's son Alucard from the 1943 Universal film Son of Dracula.

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