Yoshiyuki Kikuchi

Yoshiyuki Kikuchi

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
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Yoshiyuki Kikuchi (菊地)
The head of a major pharmaceutical company and a successful Entrepreneur in the South-East Asian Financial District. He first appears during a battle with Mikuni Souichirou, which he loses with a 1% loss, meaning that his defeat has little impact on the real world. He is later seen in another deal, in which he suffers a much greater loss, resulting in his company experiencing significant financial difficulties. However, Mikuni uses his immense wealth to ensure that Kikuchi's company remains safe.

Kikuchi's Asset is made up of a large number of mirrors, which he can use to surround his enemy. He is able to enter these mirrors and subsequently attack from any one of them, making his movements unpredictable and thus difficult to avoid. The downside of this is that the cost for using his Asset's attacks is incredibly high.

Voice Actors
Elliott, R. Bruce
Nishimura, Tomomichi