Judith Snorrevik

Judith Snorrevik

Astarotte no Omocha!
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Judith Snorrevik (ユーディット・スノーレヴィク)

Lotte's head of staff and lady-in-waiting. Judit is primarily concerned about Lotte's strong dislike for men because it might also affect the Princess's health in the future. Because of this, she is overjoyed and determined when Lotte claimed to start liking men once she is brought a human male, but Lotte did not mean it and she underestimated Judit. Judit brings back Naoya to the demon world. After this, Naoya would usually come to her for advice or general information in the demon realm. It has been implied many times that Judit is a pervert, generally encouraging Naoya to "let her suck out the life seed", and has a liking for BDSM, even to the point where she keeps a room full of S&M tools.

Voice Actors
Nabatame, Hitomi
Yun, Yeo Jin