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Igneel (イグニール)

Fire Dragon and foster father of Natsu Dragneel
Igneel has been shown to be a loving parental figure towards Natsu, though leaving him to fend for himself leads one to doubt this. Despite leaving him, Igneel is shown to be incredibly protective of Natsu as he watches him from afar.

Contrary to his loving self, Igneel can also be very fierce when he wants to be. He has also shown some arrogance, referring to himself as "the one and only Igneel" during Grandeeney's visit.

According to Grandeeney, like Natsu, Igneel has a tendency to take things to excess.
He taught Natsu how to write, speak, and how to use the fire-brand style of Magic known as "Dragon Slayer Magic ", an ancient form of Magic that gives the user the traits of a dragon.For some still unknown reason, Igneel disappeared one day without saying a word to Natsu on the 7th July of X777 (along with the other dragons like Grandeeney and Metalicana, Wendy Marvell's and Gajeel Redfox's foster dragon parents, respectively), leaving Natsu to fend for himself. Natsu's dream is to be able to meet with Igneel again and he searches for clues of his whereabouts.

Voice Actors
Shibata, Hidekatsu
Magruder, Bob
Zylberberg, Jérémy
Plinio, Giustino
Schnetzer, Ricardo
Portuguese (BR)
Rojas, Octavio

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