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Kurumi (クルミ)
* Age: 13 (First Season), 14 (Second Season)

* Birthday: July 4

* Western Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Kurumi was a hamster in her past life. One day she escaped from her cage and went on an adventure, but got lost and was unable to get home, thus she died of starvation,she is now afraid of hunger. Her name means walnut. Her color image is yellow.

In the anime, she has maintained her hamster-instincts i.e.: to eat a lot so that she wouldn't starve to death again. Her hairstyle, bao and mouth shape represent a hamster's ears and mouth. She often says "Nano" at the end of her sentences. Kurumi is one of the first three angels that appeared in the series. Kurumi is in the Intermediate rank.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Fox, Sandy
Nigo, Mayako