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Sophie (ソフィ)
She is a young girl Asbel meets in his childhood. She has lost her memories and has no recollection of her past. Her name was given to her by Asbel himself; "Sophie" is named after the Closophie flower that she seemed fascinated by the first time they met.

Sophie is first seen sleeping in a flower field at the top of Lhant Hill by a young Asbel and Hubert. She appears to lack any common sense at first, shown by almost walking off the cliff while chasing a butterfly. Due to her amnesia, Sophie has only basic knowledge of communication, and knows little of anything else, especially emotions; however, as the story progresses, she develops strong bonds with everyone she meets, fueled by her desire to protect those important to her, a trait learned from Asbel. She is often left confused at the more complicated discussions that the party has, and takes many things too seriously. Because of the fact that she doesn't know much about the world, she is incredibly curious about the world around her often asking the party many questions, though mostly trivial.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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