Anya "Anastasia Yngling" Hepburn

Anya Hepburn

Soul Eater NOT!
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Soul Eater NOT!
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Anya Hepburn (アーニャ ・ハプバーン)

A new meister who has escaped her castle home to mingle with common people. This brought her to the DWMA and her meeting with Tsugumi and Meme.

Coming from a rich background, Anya is rather stuck-up, proud, and princess-like, unwilling to make much friendly conversation with her other classmates. She often appears to be cold, unfriendly and haughty, making condescending comments about people and outwardly making fun of them. Whether it is because of her personality or upbringing, she is also very blunt and does not mince her words. She can also be rather short-tempered. However, her manner of speech is very formal, and although she can be rather stuck-up to people of her age and people who are younger than her, she is still respectful to her seniors. Because of her rich background, she is very prodigal (she sees $200 as a small amount of money and spends it all in the span of a single day) and is often not aware of how the real world works, making her rather naive in some situations.

Voice Actors
Hayami, Saori
Tipton, Alexis