Saburou "Neko-san" Nekomiya

Saburou Nekomiya

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
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Ookami-san Series
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Saburou Nekomiya (猫宮 三郎)
A Third-year at Otogi Academy described by the narrator as a "Pretty Boy." Knowledgeable about Ryoushi and the Otogi Bank, he takes it upon himself to "train" Ryoushi, though his motivation is unclear. His hair is shaped into cat ears, and his name, attitude and mannerisms are catlike (i.e. meowing after every sentence). He is apparently a skilled fighter who easily overcomes Ryoushi. He is based on Puss in Boots.

Voice Actors
Jewell, Jerry
Kaji, Yuki
Shin, Yong Wu