Shinbei Fukutomi

Shinbei Fukutomi

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Rakudai Ninja Rantarou
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Shinbei Fukutomi (福富 しんべヱ)
Age: 10
Birth Place: Sakai
Class: Year 1, Class Ha
Committee: Equipment Committee

A kind and friendly boy who's the son of a rich merchant, Shinbei quickly became best friends with Rantarou and Kirimaru at the beginning of the series when they all entered Ninjutsu Academy together.

Not the fastest of thinkers, and as he loves to eat he's rather pudgy as a result. He's unusually strong, however, and has an amazing sense of smell that's stronger than a dog's - which he usually uses to sniff out food. His constantly runny nose is his trademark, and since his snot is extremely sticky he often uses it as a weapon.

Voice Actors
Lee, Yong Sin
Hidalgo, Carlos Hugo
Ichiryuusai, Teiyuu