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Sanzou (サンゾウ)
The one who forced Goku on the quest, he said he can only remove the curse when they arrive to the last city. He woke up after 1000 years of cold sleep, to stop the world's destruction by collecting the 49 keys. He has a magical harmonica that affects asobots, but not the ones who where infected by the Destruction Virus. He sometimes uses it to heal asobots or power up Goku's attacks. Like Goku, he collected 6 keys, which later on, changed the appearance of his harmonica and can heal asobots even with the virus. His full name is Sanzo Genjō and his hometown is Tokyo. He serves as a big brother to Suzie. He is also the former lover of Rhea, the mother of all asobots. At the last part of the series, he fought off Professor D. along with Goku, Yazu and friends. After the all the keys has been collected, all asobots that have been affected by the Destruction Virus have been cured. His last words (the last words in the series) are "The real treasure is none other than the treasure of the journey."

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Voice Actors
Seki, Tomokazu
Campos, Marcelo
Kim, Jang