Sagashimono "Code:Seeker, Seeking One, The One Being Sought "


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Sagashimono (捜シ者)

An "evil" person whom Ogami Rei seems to be looking for, who is in fact his brother and the leader of "Re:Code", a group of power users (similar to the Code:Breakers) opposing Eden. He appears to be a very charismatic leader, referred to by several Re:Code as a precious friend and at the same time, an equally ruthless one, as he doesn't hesitate to discard useless subordinates. He used to take care of Ogami in the past, and is acquainted with Prime Minister Fujiwara, President Shibuya, and even Sakurakouji Sakura when she was a child.

He possesses proficient swordsmanship, being able to slash his opponents without being seen unsheathing his sword. It was also speculated he has the power to read minds, however this is proven false as he was in just making conclusions based on his observations and using his high IQ.

Voice Actors
Namikawa, Daisuke