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Beauty (ビュティ)

Beauty is the female heroine of Bobobo's group and usually the only girl when Torpedo Girl isn't around. She has mid-length pink hair with short bangs and blue eyes. Unlike the puns used for many of the characters, she received her name because the manga writer was looking at a video tape of the movie American Beauty when he created her character. A stereotypical teenage manga heroine, she is one of the few sane characters who is the first to join Bo-bobo and was the only citizen to still have hair after the attack of the town she lived in. She initially wanted to join Bobobo because she sought a life of adventure. Bobobo let her join him, but rejected Pickle at the same time. She has loving feelings for Gasser after he rescued her (the first time they met), but doesn't say anything about them. She is often exasperated by Bo-bobo's odd behavior or the behavior or actions of others, usually with the same face. She's the only person in the group that doesn't fight (Except in the video games, but that's not considered canon), but still criticizes the others' fighting styles. There are a few rare occurrences where she was forced to fight to defend herself, but it's only when Bobobo isn't around to protect her and at the last minute someone would come and save her (mainly Bobobo and Gasser). Beauty worries about her friends' safety and finds them as her own family and though finds Bo-bobo crazy she idolizes him greatly. She seems to be a random girl who joins Bobobo's group till Softon is revealed to be her brother; infering that she may have powers of her own or is decended from a powerful bloodline. By the end of the series, she is travelling the world with Heppokomaru/Gasser.

Voice Actors
Nonaka, Ai
Sampler, Philece
Volpé, Isabelle
Turba, Magdalena
Giorgino, Ilaria