Bachou Mouki

Bachou Mouki

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Bachou Mouki (馬超 孟起)
One of the original main characters when the series was being created. She is similar to Hakufu as a ditzy, yet very strong fighter. Instead of having a dragon state, she had the actual spirit of Ma Chao kept in her magatama. When Mouki found her friends seriously hurt in an attack, Ma Chao awakened and temporarily took over her body. She became very powerful and violent, much like Hakufu in her dragon state.

Mouki makes her first anime appearance in Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor. Like her manga counterpart, she is similar to Hafuku as a ditzy, yet very strong fighter. In her first appearance in the anime, she infiltrates Kyosho, searching for Sousou in order to avenge her brother Kansui (who was apparently fatally injured in a fight against Sousou), and easily dodging or knocking down anyone getting her way, including Soujin. She looks up to Hakufu as a mentor and would sometimes train with her when necessary. She is ultimately defeated by Kyocho after the latter explained that Sousou is not around for Mouki to meet. Mouki is seen later walking despondently after failing to complete her objective and after being caught in the rain, she is found by Ryubi, who calls her "Maa-chan".

She has a strong fear of snakes, though she would temporarily get over her phobia when she aided Hakufu in beheading a snake when they were on Nanban's lower levels. They would escape and she would battle the Kentei-infused Teni three more times, twice at Nanban and one more back at Kanto when she was browsing through town. She would call Koukin "a goldfish shit" and acted like she hated him while hiding the fact that she had a semi-mild crush on him, but would treat him a bit nicer when they were at Nanban once she figured out what kind of man he really was. After Kentei's disappearance and her avenging Hakufu's seeming death at the hands of Teni's explosion arrow, she would run into Motoku Sousou himself, though she surprisingly listened to every word he said without fail and due to that, she would join Seito.

Voice Actors
Endou, Aya
Leigh, Cherami
Vural, Esra