Gamamaru "Great Toad Sage"


Naruto: Shippuuden
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Gamamaru (ガマ丸)
The Great Toad Sage is the oldest and most respected toad of all the inhabitants of Mount Myōboku. Because of his age, the other toads affectionately call him Great Honorable Geezer. He is famed for his highly accurate prophecies.

Being several thousand years old, he is the oldest and most respected among the population of Mount Myōboku. At his great age, the Great Toad Sage seems to constantly smile and tends to have his eyes closed or squinting. He is portrayed and described as being senile, and sometimes out of touch with his present situation, so he does tend to forget things easily and quite quickly. However, when reminded, he is still able to remember things and can easily tell things very precisely. As a sage, he is also very wise, and is quick to stop Shima and Fukasaku from bickering and encourages harmony. It would seem that unlike most other toads, he actually has respect for Jiraiya, and has urged both Shima and Fukasaku to cooperate with him

Voice Actors
Wittenberg, Dave
Senda, Mitsuo
Nakamura, Shougo