Kensei "The Master of All Chinese Kenpo" Ma

Kensei Ma

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Kensei Ma (馬 剣星)

First appearance: Battle 7
Age: 41-42
Height: 158cm
Weight: 53kg
Type: Sei
Type: Katsujin Ken
Martial Arts: All Chinese Kenpo (preferred fighting style is soft forms)

Kensei is the lecherous master of all Chinese Kenpo, who prefers to fight using soft forms and currently the second oldest of the six masters of Ryozanpaku.

He is short, balding, and always tries to take revealing pictures of beautiful women (including Shigure and Miu), which often earns him the wrath of the pair, though it does not stop him. Despite his present attitude, he was actually a charming and handsome young man in his youth, and was very popular with women.

Kensei and Kenichi develop a very close relationship, though Kensei mistreats Kenichi comically like everyone else does, Kenichi sees him as a father figure. He also knows Kenichi better than the others due to the fact that he is usually the one who ends up convincing him to cooperate with their plans, such as when he convinced Kenichi to move into Ryozanpaku, and also will occasionally swindle him into buying the perverted pictures he takes (Though in the D&D arc, Kenichi states that he all he ever receives are pictures of Tochumaru posing). Though he is a perverted and sly old man, Kenichi still admits that he never doubted his training methods or his beliefs as a master, this shows how much his bond with Kenichi and him are as master and disciple.

Under all of this however, he is shown to be a very kind and wise person at heart who seems saddened at the violent uses of Martial Arts in the world, wishing the world could be more peaceful. In battle, he prefers to disable enemies without lethal force, only foregoing this practice when fighting other Master class Martial Artists. Kenichi also states that despite all of Kensei's character flaws, they were "nothing compared to the greatness of Ma Sifu" and readily admits that he had never doubted Kensei even once.

As noted by Kenichi, he has a habit of yelling "Chowa" whenever he fights. Ironically enough, he is the only one among the Masters that is actually capable of cooking and generally does so whenever Miu is in a position unable to cook. He has a odd habit of calling all the other masters their names with "don" at the end.

Later in the series, he is revealed to have a wife and three kids, including a 16-year-old daughter named Ma Renka, who followed him from China. Kensei was actually the leader of an elite martial arts alliance in China, made up of thousands of students. However, he viewed the responsibilities as a nuisance, so he left it all to his wife, and moved to Japan where he operates an acupuncture clinic.

He also has an older brother, Ma Sougetsu, who is a member of the Yami One Shadow Nine Fists bearing the symbol of Moon.

Voice Actors
Mignogna, Vic
Futamata, Issei
Peach, Timothy
Edwards, Daniel J.
Ribeiro, Hélio
Portuguese (BR)

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