Mirei Sakaki

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Sakaki Mirei no Tame nara Boku wa...!!
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Mirei Sakaki (榊 美麗)

Mirei is the president of the Drama Club. She has a serious personality and is able to forcefully command the other members of her club. She has an ongoing rivalry with Nono despite being close friends back when they first met a couple of years ago. Mirei initially brought Nono into the Drama Club after she saw Nono constantly reading alone. She might also have romantic feelings for Nono, as Takashi has hinted after being rejected by Nono for offering to share his umbrella with her. Although she does not show it much, she worries about Nono due to Nono's health problems. She had tried to stop Nono from using her voice as an actress by not letting her act in a play, but failed.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yukino, Satsuki