Hikari Daitokuji

Hikari Daitokuji

Project A-Ko 2: Daitokuji Zaibatsu no Inbou
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Hikari Daitokuji
B-ko's father, and a billionaire industrialist specializing in heavy machinery and military hardware. When the Alpha Cygnan ship crashlands on earth, he yearns to capture their alien super-technology and learn its secrets for himself. He uses his influence to convince the Japanese military that the hapless aliens are in fact malevolent invaders and engineers a dastardly attack on the helpless ship. When the military forces are repelled by A-ko and B-ko, he resorts to using experimental mecha that he purloined from his daughter, with disastrous consequences. In later chapters, his ambitions of conquest fade, and he pursues more mundane activities, such as playing matchmaker for Miss Ayumi during her proposed marriage with Kei.

Hikaru and his daughter have an interesting relationship. Although they seemingly have a deep bond, they often find themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield. Knowing that B-ko takes no prisoners when on a rampage, Hikaru has to respond with equally brutal force just to avoid being killed by her in one of her many fits of passion. Both father and daughter know their Japanese poetry well, as seen in episode four when they both quote from the same poem by Manyushu. He also has a fascination with Elvis Presley, as seen when he dons an Elvis-style Las Vegas jumpsuit for much of his battle with both his daughter and the Alpha Cygnans.

It would appear that B-ko's father is based on Marvel Comics' Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man. He looks a bit like Tony, is a rich businessman, and helped B-ko design her powersuit (he even uses a copy of one himself). Others have claimed that he more closely resembles American super-tycoon Ted Turner.


Voice Actors
Ootsuka, Houchuu
James Corlett, Ian
Rafel, Oriol