Sumire "Shiwasu Miina" Nishiwa

Sumire Nishiwa

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Sumire Nishiwa (西羽 すみれ)
She approaches to Mina disguised as a magazine reporter, but in reality she's a Miina of a different star--Miina Planet, where the Rabbit Force headquarters are located. She's the daughter of a influential house, and owns one of the Miina starship squads.

As an inspector she comes to the Earth to punish Ootsuki Miina for all the damage she has done to the environment of her work. She takes over Nanashi's place as the new commander of Earth's Rabbit Force.

She uses a pretty outdated "Gyaru-go"(japanese teenage girls' popular language) resulting in a somewhat weird feel. When she's dispatched, she always appears along with showy theme songs.

Transformation vegetable is space sweet potato.

Voice Actors
Kawasumi, Ayako