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Minotauron (ミノタロン)
Minotauron was a female Cardian who appeared in episode 048. Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino, and Naru Osaka were invited to the TV Ashita to audition for a part in a new television drama starring Mikan Shiratori. At this point, only Sailor Moon had been reawakened as a Sailor Senshi and regained her memories of the past. The audition was hijacked by the aliens Ail and An when they decided that the girls would be good targets for stealing energy. When all of the girls arrived for the audition, the aliens summoned Minotauron and instructed her to steal their energy. The girls were quite confused and began to scream and run away. Ail remarked that the girls' screams were more pleasing than the most beautiful music in the world.

Luna an Usagi had followed the girls to the audition. Luna noticed that a dark purple haze was coming from the audition room, so she went to investigate. Once inside, she saw that the girls were fleeing from Minotauron. They were unable to find an exit due to the haze. Naru quickly became exhausted and fell to the ground. While Minako and Ami tended to her, Rei and Makoto decided that they had no choice but to turn and fight the Cardian. Rei flung her purse at Minotauron to slow her down, then used her Akuryou Taisan attack to stun her. Meanwhile, Makoto grabbed Minotauron and flung her into a nearby column, temporarily incapacitating her. Luna was amazed to see that although the girls weren't even Senshi, they were still fighting against evil. Minotauron quickly rose and charged towards Naru, then began draining the young girl's energy. In a move of desperation, Luna attacked the Cardian, distracting her enough to release Naru. Naru slumped to the ground, unconscious. The other girls rushed to her side to pick her up, then attempted to escape. Ail could not believe what was happening; he soon disappeared from the area, leaving the rest up to the Cardian. Usagi slipped into the room, thinking that the audition was over... but Luna quickly told her to transform into Sailor Moon to protect her friends.

Just as Minotauron cornered the girls, Sailor Moon appeared. The other girls felt that there was something vaguely familiar about this scenario, but couldn't quite identify what it was. Sailor Moon attempted to heal the Cardian... but quickly realized that she no longer had the Moon Stick. This stunned her and put her at a disadvantage. Minotauron took advantage of this to begin attacking her. Rei became angry that Sailor Moon kept running away, and wanted to do something, but was unsure about what. Although Luna was struggling with the decision of whether or not to reawaken the Senshi, she realized that seeing Sailor Moon was causing the girls to remember parts of their past. Minotauron charged at Sailor Moon, using her massive horns to lift the girl into the air and drain her energy. Luna rushed forward and restored the other girls' memories of the past, and they immediately transformed into Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. Sailor Mercury used her Sabão Spray attack to obscure the Cardian's vision and confuse her, while Sailor Jupiter used her Supreme Thunder attack to shock the beast and temporarily incapacitate her. Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus used a combined Fire Soul/Crescent Beam attack to completely destroy Minotauron.

Minotauron's name is derived from the mythical creature called the Minotaur: a half-bull, half-human beast which resided at the center of a labyrinth (a maze-like construction). To further play on this theme, it is noted several times within the episode that the TV Ashita building is like a maze, and is very confusing to navigate.

(Source: The Oracle :: BSSM Encyclopaedia)

Voice Actors
Ohno, Yuka
Katan, Orli