Kuro-chan "Kit, Boss"


Cyborg Kuro-chan
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Cyborg Kuro-chan
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The most strongest, violent cyborg cat. He was once an ordinary cat until after getting involved in an accident. He was then turned into a cyborg by Dr. Go, whom wanted him to stay with him under his command. However, Kuro rebelled and took down some of the doctor's minions.

He created a rivalry with Mikun, who taught him how to use a sword.
Eventually, in the middle of the series, he became comrades with Mikun. Later on, Kuro defeats Dr. Go and becomes friends with him.

Despite his scary and violent attitude, he still shows signs of kindness to someone which includes the two old geezers who took care of him and Nana, a cyborg created by Kotaro, who fell in love to him. He may be pissed whenever she is around but he still cares and worries to her and probably fell in love to her too.

Kurochan can use a revolving gun, a sword and his most ultimate form is The Devil form.

Voice Actors
Sakamoto, Chika
Sandri, Luca