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Kotone (コトネ)

Ash and friends first met Lyra when her Marill wandered off and they found it wedged in a wall. She introduced herself as a Trainer from Johto. She came to Sinnoh with her friend, Khoury and his father in order to observe the Pokémon native to the region. Later she asks Dawn to participate in the Johto Festival. The two girls had a battle but Lyra lost and rewarded Dawn with an egg. At the end of the episode, Lyra and Khoury join Ash's group because the former wanted to watch the upcoming Lilypad Contest Dawn would be participating in.

It is implied in Gone With the Windworks! that Lyra has an interest in Ash. She admires his bravery and wishes that Khoury would act more like him. Lyra even asks Dawn if she and Ash are a couple though Dawn quickly denies it. In A Rivalry to Gible On!, she attempted to pair Khoury and Dawn together as a couple before eventually realizing she had feelings for the former.

In Bagged Then Tagged!, she and Khoury had a tag battle against Ash and Dawn in the Lilypad Colosseum. Both Lyra and Khoury eventually lost the battle.

Later they headed back to Johto with Khoury's father. Lyra plans on challenging Whitney and Morty. Also, upon her request, Khoury decided to become her traveling buddy. They promised Ash and Dawn that they would see them again.

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