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Bruno J. Global (ブルーノ・J・グローバル)

Before commanding the Macross, Global's commanding officer during the U.N. Wars was Misa Hayase's father. He was the captain of the U.N. Navy submarine Marco Polo and the UN Spacy Oberth class space destroyer Goddard, which engaged and destroyed her hijacked sister ship Tsiolkovsky in the first ever use of reaction weaponry in real ship-vs-ship space combat during the U.N. Wars. Bruno J. Global rose through the ranks of the United Nations Forces thanks to his exploits during the Unification Wars until he was assigned as Captain of the flagship of the infant Spacy, the SDF-1 Macross fortress.

During the skirmishes of Space War I, Global came up with various strategies (with a little help from First Lieutenant Misa Hayase) to evade the Zentradi, rather than attacking them head-on. The most tragic event under his command came with the collapse of the Macross' ill-fated omnidirectional barrier, wiping out a large city in the Ontario region. The event caused a wider rift between him and the U.N., leading to the temporary exile of the Macross from Earth. Eventually, when Milia Fallyna of the Lap Lamiz fleet defected to the Macross and wished to marry Maximilian Jenius, Global gave them permission, and by doing so made the first true step toward peace with the Zentradi.

After Space War I, he took an administrative position in the U.N. Government and designed the Human Emigration Project, a space colonization scheme followed by the U.N. for the following years to ensure the survival of mankind and its culture in case of further appearances of Zentradi and Supervision Army fleets. In the Macross continuity he became an admiral as well as commander of the U.N. Spacy after the battle against Boddole Zer. He survives the Macross series to become U.N. Representative in 2014 A.D., and retires from the Spacy as a full Admiral.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Swasey, John
Hazama, Michio
Dinelli, Oliviero
Ubaldi, Pietro
Finley, Greg