Kyouya Tategami

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Kyouya Tategami (盾神 キョウヤ)

Beyblade: Rock Leone
Special Moves:
- Lion Gale-Force Wall
- Lion 100 Fang Fury
- Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance
- King Lion Tearing Blast

Kyoya is first seen as the leader of the Face Hunters, a group of people in Kenta's town that usually bully other bladers and steal their beypoints. In the first episode after Benkei, tells him about Ginga Hagane, he immediately grew interested in him and wanted to test his power. Soon afterward, Ginga was given the challenge, went to the warehouse and was suddenly surrounded by a hundred bladers with their beys ready to fight. Kyoya was sitting on a beam watching the battle with a smirk as he waited for him to show his strength. Not to his surprise, Ginga defeated them all easily, and now wanted to battle the blader himself. In a close battle though, Ginga wins over him with his bey Pegasus.

Some time later, Kyoya faces Daidoji, a powerful blader and an enemy of Ginga. He tells him that he could train him to become strong enough to defeat Ginga. Kyoya quickly grows suspicious of him and challenges him to a battle, only to lose to Dark Wolf. As a consequence, Kyoya leaves the Face Hunters alone and boards the helicopter with Daidoji.

After boarding the helicopter, Kyoya was dropped off in Wolf Canyon and was given the task to climb to the top. Considering the height of the rocky cliffs plus the dangerous weather in the area, surviving it was guaranteed to increase one's strength. In the midst of being cornered from a pack of hungry wolves, he was able to unlock the beast in side of him and fend them off. This was when Kyoya starts to act violently, merciless and had completely forget who his allies were.

In Episode 10, Kyoya challenges Ginga to battle him in the stadium to avenge his prior loss. The clashes were fierce, and at some point it looked like Ginga was about to lose, but the constant cheers of the kids around him was able to increase Ginga's spirit and overpower Kyoya. In the end Kyoya remembers how much he and Leone have been through together and what beyblading really meant.

However, the nice atmosphere was quickly cut short when Daidoji steps in from his helicopter and congratulates the two bladers in their spectacular battle. Daidoji says that he did not receive much training, and 'thanks' Kyoya by attacking him with his bey; injuring Kyoya badly and damaging Leone.

The next day Kyoya wakes up and finds himself covered in bandages. Benkei walks relieved that he was awake. Kyoya remembers about the battle he had the day before and what Daidoji did. Madoka soon entered the room carrying a tray and also showing Kyoya his bey, Leone, fully repaired and polished. Kyoya asked why she was going to great lengths just to help out the enemy. Madoka replied by saying that they couldn't just ignore him. After this, Kyoya allies with Ginga and his friends in order to defeat Daidoji and his allies of the Dark Nebula.

Voice Actors
Hino, Satoshi
D'Andrea, Simone
Kim, Yeong Seon
Juhász, Zoltán
Hébrant, Sébastien
Vilchis, José Gilberto
Cugno, Peter
Cappelli, João
Portuguese (BR)
Turba, David