Hajime "Hayena-senpai, Kamikaze Captain" Kanzaki

Hajime Kanzaki

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Hajime Kanzaki (神崎一)
Age: 18
Birthday: June 1 (Gemini)
Height: 178 cm (5'10")
Likes: yogurt
Dislikes: Oga Tatsumi
Race: Human
Affiliation: Touhoushinki, Kanzaki's Gang
Anime Debut: Ep. 3
Manga Debut: Chap. 3

Kanzaki is a sadistic and malignant third year and the first of the Tohoshinki to be introduced. He was also, at the time, the closest of the four to dominating the school. His fighting style is raw and brutal, and does not appear to have any technique, but is effective against the average thug. Even after being defeated by Oga, his reputation as a Tohoshinki persists.

It is implied that his family is wealthy and/or influential, and that he pushed that influence to achieve his status as a gang leader. Furuichi has referred to him as the son of a "you-know-what", which may imply that Kanzaki is the heir of a criminal family.
Kanzaki has dull blond hair with a slight brown tinge, a pale face and is usually shown to be unshaved with a growing stubble. In accordance to the Japanese delinquent sterotype, he has dull eyes. He has two piercings on his left ear, a red piercing on his right, and a distinguished ring piercing on his lip. A chain hangs from the ring onto his left ear. Another chain is worn around his neck in a more or less form of a necklace. A cut is on his left cheek, presumably inflicted from an earlier fight.

Kanzaki has proved to be a powerful fighter but not as strong as Oga. His fighting style is raw and brutal and he does not appear to have any particular technique. He has never stated whether or not he trained in any specific fighting style although he is very skilled at kicking. When he fights he usually fights based on emotions and never uses reason. He is a ruthless fighter and has indirectly referred to murder on many occasions. It is mentioned by Shiroyama that when someone pulls the chain on Kanzaki's face, he becomes extremely irritated and his strength triples. During Zenjuuro Saotome's training of Kanzaki and some of the other Ishiyama delinquents, Kanzaki is shown to now fight on par with Shintaro Natsume.

When powered with the "Kings Crest" by devotion to Oga, Kanzaki is able to take down very tough opponents,including Nasu's familiars.

Voice Actors
Sugita, Tomokazu
De Santis, Paolo
Peter, Eric

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