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Transformers: Car Robots
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Skid-Z (インディーヒート)
Skid-Z first arrived on Earth in the episode "Skid-Z's Choice". Arriving from Cybertron he scanned the alternate mode of a race car driven by the deceased racer Augie Cannay. After that, he felt a compelling need to participate in any race he could, no matter what it was. Sky-Byte actually attempted to recruit the ultra-competitive Autobot into the Predacons, but Skid-Z refused. The other Autobots tried to help him, believing he was possessed by the psychic energy of Augie. Believing they could find and help Skid-Z, Optimus Prime, the Autobot Brothers, Spy Changers and Team Bullet Train entered the international Grand Prix. The race was also entered by Sky-Byte undercover as a red sports car, who saw it as a chance to destroy the Autobots. Eventually Megatron attacked the Autobots during the race, with Skid-Z having to choose between saving his fellow Autobots or winning the race. He was able to overcome his racing urges and save the day. After this, he won the race, coming in first — but mistook Koji's watch alarm as a starting signal, racing off again. He was not seen again until after Galvatron's defeat in the final episode.

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Voice Actors
Lindsay, Michael
Nishimura, Jin