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Noa (ノア)

Noa is Zed's friend from Calm. Unlike Zed, Noah is thought of as an upstanding citizen of Calm. Noah sticks up for Zed whenever people speak badly of him. Though others disapprove, Noah hangs around with Zed because Zed saved him from bullies during their childhood. Noah also gave Zed a token of their friendship; two feathers attached by a sort of round metal. Noah is plagued with a disease which forces him to always wear a brace around his neck and spine. He is given a life expectancy of thirty, and anything that causes drastic movements will shorten it. After Zed goes through the portal to Templer, Noah is eventually teleported to a militaristic land called Neotopia and begins making friends while staying with Carter, the man who found him, and his wife. Later, he is known as Lord Dolga, and is found working for the Tuskans. At the end of the anime he is seen in a wheelchair with Roya. He throws a paper airplane and it lands near Zed.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Patton, Chris
Horie, Kazuma
Solis, Adrien
Jeong, Jae Heon