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Krad (クラッド)

Krad is the complete opposite of Dark (with even Dark's name spelt backwards) and also Dark's worst enemy. Krad is the homicidal blond of the series who is the alter-ego of Hiwatari Satoshi. Apparently, Daisuke was the reason that Satoshi first transformed into Krad. With (Wiz) absolutely despises Krad and always tries to attack him on sight. Krad can be called insanely obsessive, as he attempts to kill Daisuke after their first encounter because he is very possessive over his host, Satoshi, and does not let him get close to anyone. He affectionately calls him, "My everything." Satoshi, however—like his whole family generation—despises Krad.

Unlike Dark, Krad does not use any wings other than his own and is entirely willing to utilize his magic, thus demonstrating his lack of care for his host's wellbeing. Although feelings of love are what cause Daisuke to transform into Dark, it seems that Krad can force his way out of Satoshi at any moment. This fact may be due to Krad's greater willingness to injure his host, since it makes little sense for Daisuke to be triggered by love and Satoshi to have no triggers. Likewise, Satoshi can most times force Krad back inside his body. One very popular nickname for Krad is Homicidal Blond. Krad has no last name, but only he calls Dark with Mousy attached. He uses it to express how he feels about Dark...

Voice Actors
Kusao, Takeshi
Guardiola, Illich
Song, Jun-seok